Saeed Ajmal, Nightmare for Australian Batsmen

Saeed Ajmal
Saeed Ajmal

3rd T20 International Match, when Australians were hitting sixes and boundaries, 4 overs 41 runs without any lost of wicket. Saeed Ajmal came to bowl. Warner and Shane Watson were batsmen but none of them were able to hit or even touch the bowl by Saeed Ajmal. Just one run in that over. I am watching the match now 7th over by Shaoib Malik, 20 runs in that over. I don’t think so that Shoaib Malik can play anymore with cricket’s bowl. He has much better option. He should think about them.

The real topic was Saeed Ajmal, Is he really a nightmare for Australia, England and other countries? All time great bowler is showing his magic again and again and again. The 5th over of the match was score stucking for Australia. At the moment Australians are playing much better game than previous games. They are hitting again sixes and boundaries. Their run rate is over 10. 10.2 overs and score is 111 which is real T20 game score.

Just 1st wicket dropped. Shane Watson is out on 47 in just 32 bowls. In other hand, Warner is playing on 59 runs in 32 bowls. Maxwell came in, took 1 run and get off the mark. Australia are now 112 in 11 overs which is not a bad average in T20.

Let’s see Muhammad Hafeez’s magic can do the work or not. He is in for 12th over.

At the end I will must say again that Saeed Ajmal is a great bowler and a nightmare for Australians. They need to do lot of work on his bowling. I wish Pakistan go for white wash with the help of this man.