Partition Magic 8.0 including serial key

Dear Friends

I am using this software since year 1999 and since very old version. I can’t remember that what exact version was at that time when I started to use this but it was a very good software and amazing thing for me. I use DOS utility fdisk for making partitions at that time. Fdisk was very old fashioned command prompt and time taking utility. If I am not wrong I spend almost average one hour to create partitions for a hard disk at that time.

Partition Magic came in life and make life easier. In 2012, I need to change partition size so I remember that old time. I searched for this utility and got this with serial key. Amazing thing is that it is also working in my Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64 bit system, which is very good thing. I thought I must share this one with all of you. I am attaching this utility for downloading and the serial key for this utility is PM800ENSP1-11141269

It doesn’t matter that what file system you are using on your partitions, FAT, FAT32 or NTFS. Just install this and put this serial key. It will install and will help you to create partitions without losing your data. If you will google for this utility. You will get this utility approximately in $98.99 which is a huge amount, and this is my gift for you. I hope you all will get enjoy.