Pakistan beat Australia again by an extra over played

Umad Akmal and Kamran AkmalWhat a great and full of tension game by Pakistan and Australia. Pakistan played very very well by batting and bowling as well. Pakistan captain won the toss and choose to bat first. In the beginning I thought that is not a good decision but that was also not a bad decision. Pakistan made 151 runs in 20 overs and only 4 wickets down. Muhammad Hafeez and Nasir Jamshed made 45 each. Imran Nazir was bowled on 0 by Starc’s good bowl. I will say that was his bad luck. Kamran Akmal made 43 in just 26 bowls.

Shane Watson again showed his 3rd class attitude when he got wicket of Muhammad Hafeez. He was never ever a successful bowler in this format of game (T20I). Australian’s body language is destructed by Pakistani performance. They are nothing in this game now and now they are at number 10 after this game. They were equal to Ireland before playing this game.

In other side Pakistan’s all time great bowler Saeed Ajmal again showed his first class. He just came and got wicket of DA Warner. He bowled him and the he got 3rd class player Shane Watson.

After hard struggling batting, Australia also made 151 in 20 overs. Match was tied then management decided an extra super over for match decision. Australians came to bat first. Shane Watson and Warner came to bat. Umer Gull was the bowler from Pakistan side. They made just 11 runs and lost warner’s wicket.

Pakistan’s Umar Akmal and Abdul Razzaq came to bat, made 12 runs in super over and make series 2-0 lead. Pakistan already have won this serious. Can Australia even win one game or Pakistan will make white wash? Let’s see in next game.

My heart was racing when I was watching 19th, 20th over and even Super Over. That was such a full of fun game. I’ve never seen such a best T20 International game. Remember the stats from Super Over will not be added in Players stats. I feel poor for Pat Cummins, He made game for his country when he hit 6 at 2nd last bowl of 20th over. After hitting his 6, scores were level. He was out at very next bowl. Again he lost game for his country when 2nd last bowl of super over was a wide bowl from him, so score was level again 11. Umar made an easy single and decide the match.

Men in green are T20 lovers so in my opinion Pakistan will also win 3rd and last game of this series which will be played on 10th september 2012 at same venue, same time.