How to secure your wordpress blog?

Dear friends,

I’ve faced problems in few of clients WordPress blogs. Their WordPress blog was under attacked and hacked by some hackers. I analyzed and realized that this is not hacking, just some security holes were there and hackers were exploiting them. I installed few plugins to secure those blogs. Now blogs are 100% Okay and working fine..

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Kieron Pollard Slapped On India

Kieron Pollard made his maiden century against India on 5th ODI. Pollard was on 99 when Virat Kohli dropped catch for four runs. I saw frustration of Indian players, after that successful four from Pollard he hit another maximum short. I don’t what will be the result of match but my sympathies are with West Indies. They showed themselves as a good team. England were unable to win a single match in ODI series in India in 2011 but West Indies did great job. They are still fighting with last wicket.

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