How to create self executable compressed file without using any 3rd party software?

Dear Friends,

Very few people know about this Microsoft Windows built-in utility. This utility can make self extracted executable compressed file. You can also create little own installation package using this utility. This utility called IExpress. You don’t need any third party software to compress files like WinZIP, WinRAR etc.

I tried this utility on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7.

To run this utility open “Run”, type “iexpress” without quotes and press “Enter”.

It has 3 options

  1. Extract files and run an installation command.
  2. Extract files only
  3. Create compressed files only (ActiveX Installs)

I was Microsoft Visual Basic 6 programmer. To distribute my build applications, I often used this utility. I realize that very few people know about this, I don’t know why so I am sharing this utility with you on my blog.

I hope it will be helpful for you.